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Established in 1982, Cronos Engineering, Inc. provides a complete range of services from product design through to manufacturing and testing. Specializing in unusual applications, the experienced staff of engineers rises to any challenging design specification and delivers custom solutions in a most timely manner. Clients range from small entrepreneurial start-up companies to Fortune 100 corporations. As a comprehensive solution provider, the company provides services including mechanical, electronic, and PCB (including surface mount) layout and design, along with full PIC assembly language programming for embedded controllers. Any required test, procurement and support services are also available.
Solutions cover most industry types from home entertainment to high-tech applications. Most notable amongst the varied array of products that have been designed for clients are home energy control systems, custom P.C. keypads, game cartridge controllers, Laser tag game controllers, dental lamp controllers, arcade game and vending machine controllers, digital paging systems, and Laser Karaoke Disc systems.

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